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Scammers fake ATO details

Scammers are using pre-recorded robocalls impersonating the ATO and threatening immediate arrest for an unpaid tax debt. The scammers use a technology known as 'spoofing' to show a genuine ATO number on the caller ID. The technology also allows them to replicate websites and email addresses.

If you receive such a call or voicemail, hang up or delete it. If you have shared personal information, or made a payment to a scammer, call our dedicated scam line.

The best way to protect yourself is to not share personal details, unless you know you can trust the person you are dealing with, such as:

  • your tax file number

  • date of birth

  • credit card

  • bank details

  • turn on multifactor authentication, like SMS security codes, when available ensure you are aware of the status of your tax and super affairs.

Red Flags it could be a scam:

Story: You get a phone call. The caller says they’re from the ATO. They want you to pay a debt (which you know nothing about), or are asking for your personal details.

But it doesn’t seem quite right. Maybe the caller:

  • is aggressive threatens that if you don’t pay you will be arrested and sent to jail, or tries to make you call another number outside normal business hours.

  • or maybe you have received an email or SMS offering you a tax refund or asking for personal details, but it just smells wrong.

What to do if you think it is a scam?

You need to check it out.

If you get a phone call, ask the caller for:

  • their full name and extension number

  • their team leader’s full name and extension number.

You can call us on 1800 008 540 to verify that the caller is from the ATO.

If you receive an email or SMS, do not open any attachments or hyperlinks. You can report the email by forwarding the whole email to us at Report email fraud. You should then delete the email or SMS. You can also call us on 1800 008 540 to report the email or SMS

  • Check your account using the secure channel you use such as Business Portal or ATO Online.

Report Email Fraud

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